Chandle Bing for life!

It is about 8am on a Sunday and I’ve barely opened my eyes. I turn over to hug my husband and he says Matthew Perry is dead. 

The last remnants of sleep leave me in an instant. I found my phone to confirm the news. Yes, it’s true. Mattew Perry, popularly known as Chandler Bing has passed away yesterday in his hot tub. 

I open Instagram and it shows 1 new post for Mattew Perry. I open his account, it’s him in his hot Bub with headphones on and a mundane caption. Did he know? What was he thinking about? 

All I have known of the man is through his character in Friends and his memoir I read last year. Which was a shocking revelation for me. His life has been, had been a painful one. Since his childhood and getting much worse since he became an adult. 

We only see the sarcastic and funny man on friends, making us all laugh and introducing young kids to sarcasm. We don’t get to see the agony behind it. The mental and physical pain he has been in. He managed to make us all laugh when his heart did not feel like smiling. 

This news for me was shocking and not very shocking at the same time. For this legend to have passed away, but having read about his addiction and his life, it was somehow understandable.

I’ve been checking social media to see some sort of response from the other cast of friends, but haven’t seen any so far. I’m sure it’s a very personal loss for each one of them and posting a picture on social media is beyond them right now. But I hope to see something soon. 

I hope he found peace in his last moments. I hope he was happy. 

Farewell, my friend. 


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