I was raised on old songs and classical music. We are a music-loving, and I grew with the melodies of RD Burman, Mukesh, and Kishore Kumar all around me. I studied at BITS Pilani Goa campus (yes, we will get to that) but I have always been a Hogwarts student at heart, Always!

I love the small-town charm of Stars Hollow and the Gilmore Girls. Its a wonderfully feminist show in which the story revolves around the lives of three women who are in different stages of their lives. It must be evident that I identify as a feminist. In a misogynist world, my parents raised me like a boy, and I expect no less from the world. It is my life's mission to make this world see men and women equally. Or for that matter, treat everyone equally.

Now coming to the Goa part. I roam around with half a heart because I left the other half in Goa. I have the wonderful fortune of studying Goa for four years, my entire college life. It has been four years since I left the place but I haven't been able to forget it. I keep going back, every year to relive those moments with the same people and take a break from life. I need a regular dose of the cheese garlic naan at Johns.

One of my favorite quotes is

“Keep on being bloody difficult”

In a world that is constantly trying to impose itself on you and trying to change and morph you, being you and maintaining your sanity is the hardest job. The way to fight back is to be as difficult as you can. Be aggressive, don't take shit from anyone, live life the way you want to, don't conform to rules you don't agree with, that is the only way to free be yourself.


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